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BritSwim best swimming lessons in Oman

Don’t settle for a poor performance - or even dangerous - swim school. Your choice of swim school can have a huge impact on your child’s experience in the water, during lessons and for the rest of their lives. A swimming teacher who distresses your child, who forces them to do things they’re not comfortable with, or who fails to keep them safe - that’s going to result in trauma, fear, or an outright phobia. A swimming teacher who is unengaged, unfocused, or just plain boring - you’ll end up having to drag your child to class, and worry over whether they’re being kept safe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not that way at BritSwim.

What makes BritSwim different?

We had a lady message to ask about female-only swimming lessons with us, and she asked if she could speak to us on the phone. On the call, she said she felt much better having spoken to our team: she had been worried that we would be aggressive and loud, like her last swim teacher, who used to scream at her to go faster without telling her what she was doing to slow herself down.

Every BritSwim teacher goes through rigorous in-house training as soon as they join our team. That’s not because they’re not qualified or experienced - it’s because we have very specific ways of operating. And that’s not just about how best to troubleshoot a slow kick or a screw-kick; it’s about empathy, communication, and emotion. We ask ourselves, how can we help our students improve their swimming, but also make them feel good in the process?

Part of this is just basic human politeness and respect for others. We don’t like being shouted at; so we don’t shout at our students. We understand that people respond best when they’re happy and relaxed. And you make people a lot more happy and relaxed with positive feedback than you do with rude aggression.

Hey you, you’re reading this wrong.

See? Negative criticism, without any constructive purpose. It’s the same in swim class. Compare it to this: “You’re reading this blog post much better than you read the last one. Let’s see if we can read even more carefully next post! You’re making progress each time you read, well done!”

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