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Don’t settle for a poor performance - or even dangerous - swim school. Your choice of swim school can have a huge impact on your child’s experience in the water, during lessons and for the rest of their lives. A swimming teacher who distresses your child, who forces them to do things they’re not comfortable with, or who fails to keep them safe - that’s going to result in trauma, fear, or an outright phobia. A swimming teacher who is unengaged, unfocused, or just plain boring - you’ll end up having to drag your child to class, and worry over whether they’re being kept safe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not that way at BritSwim.

What makes BritSwim different?

We once had a potential new teacher who wanted to show us how he taught, and arranged for a lesson for the BritSwim management team to watch. He met the students he would be teaching for the first time, and when he was told their names, he said, “Oh, I never remember names. I’ll just call them One, Two, and Three.” And that was the end of his hiring journey with us. A teacher who feels so little connection, so little care towards his students that he can’t even bother to remember their names? Not a BritSwim teacher.

At BritSwim, we don’t just teach our students. We get to know them.

We know their names. We know their parents’ and siblings’ names. We know what they like and don’t like (from swim skills to ice cream flavours and pizza toppings), we know their favourite superhero and their favourite animal. We know which colour pool noodle they want. We know how they learn best, and what songs, phrases, or drills will work best for them. We know what inspires them, what they fear, what makes them laugh.

How and why do we do this? The ‘how’ is easy - we listen. Our students are individuals, and we hear what they say, read their body language, and remember what they tell us. And why is building this connection so important? Because connection builds trust. And trust is key to successful, effective, enjoyable swimming lessons. Aside from that - it makes lessons much more fun for everyone when it’s among friends.

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