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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.


Learn swimming in Oman
Don’t settle for a poor performance - or even dangerous - swim school. Your choice of swim school can have a huge impact on your child’s experience in the water, during lessons and for the rest of their lives. A swimming teacher who distresses your child, who forces them to do things they’re not comfortable with, or who fails to keep them safe - that’s going to result in trauma, fear, or an outright phobia. A swimming teacher who is unengaged, unfocused, or just plain boring - you’ll end up having to drag your child to class, and worry over whether they’re being kept safe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not that way at BritSwim.

What makes BritSwim different?

We were once invited into a school to discuss taking over after-school swimming there. The headteacher told us they had asked the previous swim school to leave, after he had come to watch a class and found students in the pool, with the teacher gone. Gone, as in, gone home. Got in his car and left CHILDREN WHO CANNOT SWIM in the POOL. We’ve seen swim teachers lying on sun loungers scrolling their phone during lessons - again, with non-swimming kids in the pool. To be clear: there is no excuse for such behaviour. It is not normal. It is not OK. It is beyond unprofessional, and it is potentially lethal.

The vast majority of BritSwim lessons take place with the teacher in the pool alongside their students - that only changes when students reach a high level of skill, safety awareness, and fitness. And when a BritSwim teacher is in the lesson, they are really in the lesson. We’re 100% focused on our students. Where are they, how are they moving, are they listening, did they understand that instruction fully, are they progressing, what could be improved, are we ready to move to the next skill, are they happy, are they comfortable, what are the potential risks in this drill, is the equipment being used right, are they being respectful of each other…and on and on, a constant assessment and re-assessment of the class itself and each individual in it.

We keep our students as fully engaged as we are. All eyes on the teacher, all ears above the water, and every skill taught multiple ways to make sure that every student finds a reason to give their best.

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Muscat, Oman