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Top tips for starting your kids with swimming

BritSwim Muscat Swimming Tips

Best swimming lessons in Oman

DO YOUR RESEARCH - Find out what your child can expect on their first session with this swim school. Who is the teacher? What will they be asked to do? Will they be allowed their armbands? What will happen before and after class? Kids will be happier to come to class if they understand what will be happening.

Best swimming school in Muscat

SPEND TIME IN THE POOL - The more time you spend with your child in the pool, the better the position you will be in to understand what skills need work, what fears may need conquering, and what your child really loves about the water. All this info can be passed to the swim teacher, who will work it into lessons plans.

Ultimate guide to swimming in Muscat Oman

TAKE LESSONS YOURSELF - If you're not already a swimmer, there's no better time to learn than while your child does! Spending bonding time together in the pool, comparing what you both learned that week, is a really special experience. Plus, your child will feel more confident, and be inspired to do even better in lessons.

Best swimming lessons for your kids in Muscat

GET THE RIGHT KIT - Proper swimwear designed for the purpose, a good pair of goggles (we love the split strap ones!), and a fluffy towel for post-swim shower - all essentials for a comfortable swim lesson. Don't forget that shower, either - it warms the kids back up once they exit the water, and washes away pool chemicals too.

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COME TO THE CLASS - Your presence by the pool, and your attention when there, will boost your child's confidence and their performance. So much of your child's learning takes place in school - swim lessons are a fantastic opportunity to see you child progress and gain confidence right before your eyes.

And don't forget to check our guide 'Learn to Swim Levels' for more tips.

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