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BritSwim Levels 2021

Welcome to the BritSwim Levels! This is where we let you know exactly what our students are working towards, with what objective, and how our teachers grade their skills. 

BritSwim's Learn-To-Swim Levels run from Level One - where we foster trust and confidence, and get students comfortable with safety rules and submersion - all the way to Level Seven, in which students are refining their stroke foundations, ready to move to BritSwim Stroke Development.

In each of the BritSwim Levels, you can see a set of skills, several benchmarks, and a grading system. 

The skills are what students will be working towards achieving during their time in that level - although what they learn in lessons is not limited to these skills. BritSwim teachers understand that our students are individuals, and will tailor every class to make it relevant, fun, and effective; and sometimes that means teaching a sitting dive earlier than codified, and we're fine with that.

Level Benchmarks are the criteria students MUST be able to demonstrate consistently and comfortably, before passing onto the next BritSwim Level. This is crucial in making sure that our students are getting a proper, solid foundation in the skills, and also in keeping up the standards in teaching and groups.

The grading system - bronze, silver, and gold - helps us provide the most suitable groups for every student. At the end of a season, students will be graded on how they performed within their given level, achieving for example a Level Three Bronze certificate. Because bronze denotes a lack of comfort or consistency in the skills of that level - perhaps they just started swimming independently, or have trouble with deep water still - the student would need to continue to work on Level Three until at least a silver grade.

Lastly, we'd like to share the grading system BritSwim teachers use to keep track of, and report on, students' progress after each lesson. During any BritSwim class, teachers will be focusing on one core skill, introducing another complementary skill, plus giving warm up drills - usually a skill the students are familiar with - and a fun activity before ending. So, in each class there are opportunities for our teachers to grade maybe three or four skills, which they do on our custom software, using the bronze/silver/gold options. An algorithm then calculates the percentage of the whole level that student has now completed, and this is sent out on a weekly email report. 

It's important to note here that student progress percentages may not move from week to week, every week! There is a big difference between a bronze grading and a silver one on any one level - bearing in mind that, because the gradings add up to 100%, a student must achieve 34% across all skills to graduate from bronze, and 67% to graduate silver. Once students reach a high silver overall mark, they can move up to the next level - it's not necessary to reach 100% to progress to new skills.

And of course we don't teach all the skills of each level every single class - our students, and our teachers, are only human. So particularly in higher levels, where the skills are more numerous, and in the first classes, while we are working diligently to ensure that foundation is set for future swimming success, students will be working on just a few key skills out of many - so progress as a number may not show up for a few weeks. 

We hope that gives you a better idea of the way we monitor and grade our students' progress - and we're always happy to answer questions about your progress, and let you know exactly how we're working to reach your swimming goals.

Muscat, Oman