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Brand New From BritSwim: BritSwim Body

Months of being home, hours a day with zero activity, and for most of us, a host of aches and a few extra inches on the waistband: there's never been a better time than the post-lockdown era for re-evaluating our health and fitness, and how we treat our bodies.

BritSwim's new programme, BritSwim Body, is our comprehensive, holistic, and highly effective solution not just for getting fitter and looking better, but for changing the very way we look at how our bodies function, what they need - how we can work with our bodies to create a foundation for dynamic health, every day and forever.

Our resident Queen of Fitness, Zohreh Hashemi, is certified by CALA - the world leader in aquatic fitness - to teach the CALA system of Vertical Water Training to create custom programmes for each course participant. 

So, what is BritSwim Body? How does it work, and how does it help?

It's a four-week programme, and we start you off with an Introductory Session. This is where Coach Zohreh gets to know all about you, your aims, any issues you may have. We assess where you are now, so we can help you get to where you want to be in terms of your health, and properly measure your progress. 

Each BritSwim Body session has an update component, where Coach Zohreh gets your feedback and offers individualised advice to help you get the best from the programme. Then to the pool, where you'll work body alignment, power postures, and isokinetic drills. And every four weeks, you'll receive information on our Muscle of the Month - this is where you get specific in understanding the different sets of muscles. 

It's this understanding, achieved through your physical sessions and through continuous two-way feedback, that will give you the tools you need to make lifelong changes to your physicality. BritSwim Body is a lifestyle, not a workout - vertical water training and the learnings you get from it can be used anywhere, any time. You don't need complex equipment to understand what your body can do, and what you can do for your body. And while you'll work on key body areas, this system has benefits for your whole body, your whole life.

Performing in water helps us explore and understand the body's movements and capabilities. It's resistance without impact, totally effort dependent, creating a foundation for good health - fitness, circulation, balance and posture, core engagement, strength; you'll see improvement in all these areas, you'll understand why, and be able to sustain it. It's really a journey, and BritSwim's Coach Zohreh is ready to start it with you! Give us a call today for details and bookings: +968 99 101 603

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