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Congratulations BritSwim Triathletes!

If you know any triathletes, you're probably well aware that they are not only highly unlikely to let any obstacles slow them down, they actively embrace challenge. Nothing - no, not even a pandemic - stops these guys training, setting goals, and achieving them. BritSwim's Coach Karl introduced our remote tri training programme in response to the new rules and lockdowns, to ensure our triathletes kept up with what they love in total safety, and kept those new personal bests coming. 

Over the weekend, three of BritSwim's triathletes who took advantage of enrolling on the BritSwim Triathlon Coaching Programme over the past few months joined Coach Karl in competing in Ironman's Virtual Reality 18 Sprint Distance Triathlon, in the Challenger and Classic Divisions. In the Classic Division, Shrikant and Shayan finished 1902nd and 1119th overall in their first race at this distance, out of 3446 finishers. In the Challenger Division, Steve finished 436 overall of the 1322 finishers, whilst Coach Karl finished 1st British athlete in his age group and 98th overall.  

All athletes showed the great gains they have made since enrolling on the programme and being directed by Karl in their swim, bike, run, and strength and conditioning training, with all of them achieving multiple personal bests. We look forward to seeing how their next block of training progresses and pays off, once real life racing returns.  If you'd like more details on the triathlon coaching options available, or are interested in joining the BritSwim Triathlon Coaching Programme, get in touch for more information, or check out our post on the programme.

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