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Learn with BritSwim: Body Position

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Humans are designed for the land - so how do we move through the water? The answer forms the foundation for excellent swimming. Before we learn strokes and refine technique, it's crucial to have a solid basis for swimming, with a perfectly streamlined body position.

Let's start with the stuff itself. Water is denser than air, and this makes it more difficult for us to move through it - that's resistance. It's what slows our movement through water, and it's what we have to battle against for efficient and effective swimming.

Luckily, people (although not created for the life aquatic) are pretty smart. So smart, in fact, that we learned how to make the water work for us. The physics of it comes from Newton, specifically his Third Law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We just need to manipulate the medium to get what we want - we learn the principles and skills needed to move us through the water.

Good body position is the first step to decrease the resistance that hampers our movement through water, and cannot be skipped over in early learning. We need to make ourselves hydrodynamic, by changing our silhouette to more closely resemble something that does move easily and quickly through water. You'll hear BritSwim teachers asking students to be a rocket, or a shark - that is, to make themselves long and thin, by squeezing the head between their arms, by pointing their toes, by engaging their core. All this creates a smaller shape to move through the water with speed and strength.

This all helps us to swim well and also keeps our swim comfortable and injury-free (as well as loopholing the laws of physics). We work with the water, identifying its challenges and understanding it. Body position will come up in every single BritSwim class, because without it, you'll never master the water.
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