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Home-schooling How-To

We're going to be doing what we can at BritSwim to keep your kids (and you) active and healthy while at home this month. This is a brand new situation, and everyone around the world is facing a brand new  set of challenges. For most of you parents, having your school-age kids at home all day is one of these. Luckily for us, one BritSwim parent, Nuzha of the popular Instagram page @thehomeschoolchronicles, has loads of experience of this, and has kindly put together a set of tips to help you get through this smoothly (and while maintaining your sanity).

On her page, Nuzha has some extra tips. "I know how daunting and scary it can be when your children's education is in your hands." We should remember, she adds, that "no two families or two days are the same. Always choose what works for your family."

As Nuzha signs off: stay safe, and happy home-schooling!

Muscat, Oman