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Despite the current shutdown, BritSwim has had a busy year. One of our 2020 highlights was partnering up with Highfield International, an award-winning UK-based organisation that develops globally-renowned qualifications and training courses. They focus on certifications that develop skills, change attitudes, and improve safety, all of which are at the heart of our own vision. BritSwim's Highfield-certified lifeguard training courses have been running since January with fantastic uptake and results, and we're very excited to be delivering pediatric first aid courses as soon as we re-open.

Now we're partnering with Highfield to offer all our followers - and anyone you want to share with - a completely free online course in Infection Prevention and Control. It will help you understand this process of infection and implement changes at home or in the workplace. We're encouraging all readers to take this short course, which comes with a certification, so we can all be better equipped to keep ourselves and our communities safe, now and in the future.

So sign up, learn something new and valuable, and share with your friends, colleagues, and family!

Click here to sign up, and you'll get an email with a link to get started on the course. Our UK partners open on Monday 30th so expect your emails then.
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