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BritSwim and COVID-19

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If you're already with BritSwim, you know how much we care about you and your kids. And we know that a lot of you are concerned about COVID-19, or novel coronavirus. As a school, BritSwim has been closely monitoring the developments around the virus, and particularly the situation here in Oman. We're not medical experts by any means, but we wanted to share with you what we can to answer questions you might have.

You likely already know that it's a newer version of a well-known family of viruses, capable of moving directly from person to person via the droplets produced by sneezes or coughs, which can of course settle on surfaces. The virus infiltrates its hosts' airways, and the vast majority (around 80%, according to the World Health Organisation) of COVID-19 cases at the time of writing appear to be mild, manifesting as cold-like symptoms. 

The USA's Center for Disease Control recommends taking the same preventative actions as you would take during colder months - the foremost being washing hands thoroughly, particularly before eating. As for swimming classes, we always recommend taking a hot shower after class, to prevent being cold for a prolonged time, and this is something we'd emphasise as a good measure to maintain general health. Another universal recommendation from BritSwim: don't come to class if you're sick. It's always better for you and for others to stay home and recover fully.

There's a lot still not known about COVID-19, but the evidence does suggest that pools are no more dangerous than any other venue, and BritSwim lessons being outdoor and taking place in properly maintained swimming pools may actually make the transmission of coronavirus more difficult.

We're continuing to keep an eye on the issue, and will follow best practices and guidelines laid out by Oman's Ministry of Health.

As always, please do let us know if you have any questions for us! 
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