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We're excited - Unique Sports has launched its parent-teacher portal! It's all thanks to our customers - their feedback has been so helpful in helping us see what we need to do to get to the top of our game. Our swimming teachers spend a lot of time and focus on lesson planning and the individual development of their students,  and now parents have a way of sharing in that journey.

The portal helps to streamline our communications, giving access to live updates on the progress of each student, tracking development, showing details of levels achieved and badges won. You can check in to see class start dates and update your personal information, and parents with more than one student with us can use the portal for all their kids. Simply put, it keeps you in the loop.

The Unique Sports portal helps you the parent keep a live and constant track of how your kids are doing in BritSwim lessons. Our teachers keep a careful record of every skill learned and challenge tackled, what they have mastered, and what needs more work, and it will all be shown on progress bars, so you can see how far they have to go - have a look at the example below. If you get the chance to take your kids for practice between classes, you can check the portal to see what the kids have been working on most recently, and get them working on those skills to give them a boost for the next class.

We'll be adding Ace Tennis School students to our portal soon too. We'd recommend all our students to sign up (we keep your details totally private), and take advantage of this simple, effective new way of seeing your kids learning to love to swim.

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