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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

#BritSwimLessons - safety

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Safe, fun, and effective - those are the criteria every single BritSwim lesson has to fulfill. It's the mantra BritSwim teachers live by. 

What constitutes safety in a swimming lesson? It's multi-faceted, and each facet is borne in mind by our teachers for each second of the lesson. We keep our eyes on our students. We keep those who need it within arm's reach. We assess and reassess the students, their progress, the pool, the position of the sun, changing position and class formation when needed. We keep our environment free of obstacles to ensure faster access to kids. We make our students wait for us to get in, to swim, to get out - keeping our lessons tightly structured and high energy means that not only do they learn fast, they also have no time or place to wander. We put in place safety rules that are constantly reiterated and reinforced. We teach every single one of our students water safety, and we advise parents on how to do the same. We keep safety at the absolute foremost of our minds, always.

All BritSwim lessons are safe, fun, and effective. You'll notice that safety comes first. 
Muscat, Oman