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Often, at our weekly BritSwim team meetings, we'll wind up yet another detailed and energetic conversation about a particular kid's progress, and one of us will say, "I wonder if people how much effort we put into this". How could you know? Well, if you've been in a BritSwim programme, you'll have noticed it yourself. We know our student's names, likes and dislikes, favourite colours and animals. We know what scares them and we find ways to overcome that fear. It goes beyond being aware of what skills they have achieved. We're committed to our students. 

From our commitment to getting each swimmer into the right class for them, to finding a time and day and venue that suits the parents' schedule, to our teachers keeping track of kids they taught years ago - it's a common characteristic of all BritSwim teachers that we care about our students. When you come for a BritSwim lesson, you're placing a great deal of trust in us; and as fun as classes may be, we take that commitment seriously.
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