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Why tri?

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Ever considered triathlon training? Or...considered it, and then rejected it immediately? I don't have time. I'm not fit enough. I don't know how to bike/swim/run. The common reasons not to 'tri' are less than inspiring, but pretty relatable. Whether you're new to triathlon, or looking to expand into it from other areas of training, we thought we'd give you a few reasons why there is nothing quite like triathlon training for an all-over experience, pushing your limits in fitness and focus. 

Get out of your comfort zone!
No matter what activities you're used to, the nature of triathlon is to push your limits. Competing against yourself or others, looking for that faster time every time, ramping up the difficulty of races, and battling against your terrain to boot - triathlon will force you to go beyond your boundaries. And you get to feel the triumph of a multidiscipline win.

Three sports are better than one
You're never going to feel bored training for triathlon; there's way too much variety. That sinking feeling when you go to through the same old sets at the gym? Say goodbye to it. And with tri, whatever you achieve, you can triple the confidence.

'Type A's welcome
Get to know triathletes! Meet like-minded people in the tri community. If this appeals to you, maybe you're like most triathletes - driven, goal-orientated, motivated, type A personalities, looking for the next challenge in sport as well as life.

More adventure than workout
Whizzing down mountain roads on the bike. Sprinting across dunes. Tearing up the water in the Gulf Of Oman. With triathlon, you battle yourself, the competition, and the terrain. There are new challenges round every corner, keeping you focused and pushing you forward. This isn't just sport - this is life goals, sensory experiences you won't ever forget.

Full on fitness
Triathlon training is top to bottom - a complete cardio workout for all muscle groups. Swimming, cycling and running together help you develop lean muscles, improve your strength and stamina, and tone the whole body.

Be an inspiration!
Everyone is capable of more than they imagine. Can you do this? Who else in your life would it inspire, if you took on such an amazing challenge? What other goals could you achieve, knowing you can master a multi-discipline sport that takes so much mental and physical strength and focus, that asks you to push your limits and tackle challenges from every side? 

If you're interested in starting triathlon training with us in Muscat, get in touch for details and bookings. Message on +968 9475 6911, or fill in our contact form. We'll organise a starting assessment for you, and our tri coach will talk you through our triathlon programme in person. 

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