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BritSwim's Tri Coach Karl

Triathlon tri coach training Muscat Oman
We've shared with you why triathlon training can be so rewarding. And at BritSwim, we know that it's not just what you teach, but who teaches it - and in fact, that our amazing teachers and coaches are the reason we succeed. So let us introduce you to swimming coach and triathlon trainer Karl Egleton.

Karl has massive experience of triathlons from both sides, participating in almost one hundred, and having trained triathletes of every level; from total beginners with the will to improve, to world class competitors. Karl has worked with former national level multisport athletes, including a triple IronMan World Champion, and was Head Tri Coach for the Defense Academy of Great Britain. Commanding Officer Col. Denis James said of Karl's tenure: "He is thoroughly personable, and provides bespoke and thoughtful training. And he's successful - he certainly keep me motivated for my triathlons, and helped our Regiment become Army Open Water Swimming champions." 

Another successful triathlete under Karl's training, Mike Brennan, tells us how Karl's training improved his tri times. "Karl took me from swimming four lengths to completing the IronMan swim in a little over an hour. Karl is generous with his time and advice. An absolute gentleman."

And that's the real key to Karl's success, and why we're so excited to be launching BritSwim's triathlon training in Muscat with him at the helm - his passion is helping people achieve their goals, whether that's a first time swim, or a world championship selection. 

Get in touch on +968 9475 6911 for more details of BritSwim's triathlon training with Coach Karl.
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