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How to (swim) parent!

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We're not really going to tell you how to parent here - you know your kids better than anyone, of course. But parents parent, and teachers teach, and there may be some things you don't yet know about their swimming lessons - and learning these will help you and your child get the best out of BritSwim.

So here we go, three things you should know when you're the parent of a swim student.

1. Talking

BritSwim teachers actually love having parents present at our lessons. You'll find schools where kids are kept separate from their caregivers during class, as it can be a 'distraction'. At BritSwim, we know that it can be a joy, and it's always a pleasure to see supportive, interested parents engaged in their kid's progress. We know you want your child's lessons to be safe and effective. When we're teaching, that is all we are focused on. So while we do appreciate that you are looking for feedback on your child's progress, or have a question that needs answering, we absolutely can't help you with that during a lesson - it would compromise the safety of the kids. Send us a message, and we'll be more than happy to help! Plus, we give way better answers when we're answering while dry.

Similarly, you may be tempted to give your kids instructions during class. Take your cue here from the teacher - we'll let you know if we need your help or support. For example if your child is a little nervous, or finally performs a skill they've been struggling with, we may well turn to you so you can share in the moment. But generally speaking, we're able and willing to do 100% of the teaching during our classes, and we know what drills to give your kids and what to correct, so sit back, relax, and enjoy watching us do all the work.

2. Trust

We work very hard to build up a sense of trust with your children. That can take time, and requires patience on everyone's part. Don't expect us to push your child to their swimming limits the very first class - we won't do it. Swimming is not like other sports; the environment it's practiced in makes it unique, and the bond between teacher and student is similarly special. To develop swimming skills and confidence, BritSwim teachers take time to get to know the kids, their strengths, and their limits. Once kids realise we're to be trusted, they listen better, learn faster, and excel.

And knowing that BritSwim teachers are all experienced, qualified, and fully dedicated to continual growth within our area, you can trust that we are providing age appropriate, well-structured programmes that have a lot of thought and research behind them. So please trust us - it works!

3. Time

BritSwim provides the same teacher for a full term of lessons, so we can create custom lesson plans for each group, and get the very best out of each student. It's really important that kids get to their lessons on time, and even more so that they don't miss them altogether. If you make sure that swimming lessons are a priority, your child will get so much more out of them. And beyond lessons, take some time each week to watch your child practice what they've learned. You'll see their development speed up massively, and it's a fun and healthy way to spend time together too.

Every time a child engages in a programme, there's a triangular relationship that builds up between the student, the parent, and the teacher. We understand and nurture this at BritSwim - it's the best way for us and our students, your kids, to succeed! 

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