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Synchro - now available from BritSwim

Syncrhonised swimming. Not a sport you ever considered trying? It's not even on most people's radar, but synchronised swimming (call it synchro if you want to sound in-the-know) is actually one of the toughest sports out there; after all, they lift entire humans above their heads while treading water. Athletes at the top of their synchro game are among the fittest in the world - with only long-distance runners out-doing them in terms of cardiovascular efficiency. And yet it looks so effortless, so elegant!

You'll start with the basics of movement, of course, and move up until you're able to perform full routines. Swimming knowledge is required for this course, along with a decent nose clip.

If you fancy getting the best workout of your life in a fun and friendly female-only environment, to have the support of water and the thrill of achievement in one of the world's hardest skills, and to do all that while still looking like a queen, get in touch for details and bookings!

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