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BritSwim's Mermaid School!

Ever dream of becoming a mermaid?

BritSwim is about to make this wish come true for the girls of Muscat. Our newly-launched Mermaid School is run by our fabulous team mermaid Zohreh. She's absolutely passionate about spreading her love of the water, and as a medal-winning synchronised swimmer, she's found the perfect way to inspire the next generation of water-loving women. 

Mermaid School is a totally new programme, comprising a creative mix of synchronised swimming, dance, and gymnastics. Younger or less experienced mini mermaids will start with Mermaid Movement, a fun and engaging course designed to get them comfortable with water and how to move through it. Mini Mermaids who are already happy swimming in deep water will go straight to the more advanced moves. For all the graduates of Mermaid School, there will be an end-of-term recital to show off their new mermaid moves!

BritSwim's Mermaid School will take place in a totally female environment, on Thursday afternoons at Al Sahwa School in Shatti Al Qurm. Open to girls from 5 to 15, this is a brand new way to get kids moving and loving the water - which is what we're always aiming for at BritSwim.

Get in touch via message on +968 9475 6911 for details and booking!

Muscat, Oman