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Ladies-only AquaFitness!

BritSwim aqua fitness swimming lessons ladies only female pool Muscat

We're so happy to announce our new BritSwim programme: aqua fitness sessions in a totally friendly, female environment. Our coaches have years of experience in helping ladies get fit and confident through aqua fitness, but it may be new to you, and that's why we've set out the top five reasons to give AquaFit a try.

1. No judgements!
When you're in the water, you're less visible to others and there's no competitive element - so you don't need to worry if you mess up a move, or feel self-conscious exercising in front of others. The water is forgiving! And that allows you to focus on the movements and just have fun.

2. It's for every level
This is a great way to ease yourself into an exercise routine, whether you're already fit, getting back to activity after time off, or even challenged by issues with health. Our AquaFit coach will allow for every level of fitness and experience and help each participant achieve her best.

3. Let the water do the work
Exercising in water is truly, uniquely beneficial. The buoyancy cushions and supports you, so you can increase your fitness and strengthen muscles without the damaging impact of other activities. It's stress-free movement - plus the water cools you down as you go.

4. Full body work-out
Apart from the gains to your overall cardiovascular fitness, from moving every muscle and every joint at the same time, your body will get a whole host of benefits from aquafitness. Did you know that exercise in water aids the flow of blood, and your lymphatic drainage? Basically all your organs are going to be better after class - and you'll feel it, too.

5. We love water
We're BritSwim - of course we think everything is better in the pool. But our aqua fitness classes help with confidence in the water as well as stamina and strength. They aid balance. The stimulating property of movement in water has been shown to reduce stress. Any age or fitness level can join classes. And you don't need to be able to swim either! (Although, no surprises, we do recommend learning...)

If you're looking to join our ladies AquaFit sessions, get in touch on +968 9475 6911 to book. 
Muscat, Oman