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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

Ladies-only lessons!

Ladies swimming lessons Muscat Oman BritSwim
BritSwim is passionate about swimming, and we want everyone to have the chance to learn to swim in the best possible way. For us, that means using support and not force; it means having the right teachers, who are kind and professional and dedicated; and it also means the right pool environment. From our learner venues to our competitive lap pools, we make a huge effort to get every student into the right group.

For many women, a ladies-only environment is the most comfortable, or the only, option for learning to swim. We know this and we want to teach as many ladies as possible, and to that end BritSwim has just added to the portfolio the ladies-only pool at the recently opened American Play & Learn Center, on 18th November Street in Azaiba. 

We're running an 8 week course for beginners there. The first step, once you've expressed your interest, will be to come along to our Introduction Session. This takes place on 22nd October in the afternoon (it will run between 4.30pm and 6.30pm). It will consist of a full lesson for you, but it will also be a chance to meet Susan, the teacher for the course, to ask any questions you still have, and also for us to see your level of ability, experience, and attitude to the water. This Introduction Session is booked online - just click here! - and will cost 5 OMR, paid in cash at the pool itself. 

Once you've had your Introduction Session, and we've assessed your swimming skills, we'll be in touch to confirm a time for the rest of the course, that is the remaining 7 lessons of the 8 week course. These will also take place on Monday afternoons, but the fixed time will only be given after the Introduction Session, as only once we've seen you in the pool will we be able to set groups of similar abilities and attitudes together. Classes will hold a maximum of five students, and will last for 30 minutes. When you've agreed the time, we'll invoice you and your course will be booked!

Here's some questions you may still have - we hope these answers help!

What if I can't swim at all? Do I still need assessment?
Yes! Not everyone who has had zero swimming experience starts from the same level. We always assess every new BritSwim student, no matter the age or level.

How much does the course cost?
The Introduction Session is 5 OMR, and the additional amount for the course is 54 OMR. So if you go ahead and book, the total you will pay is 61 OMR - 5 in cash on the first day, and the rest after being invoiced.

Do I have to attend every class?
Yes please! Learning to swim requires a commitment - missing lessons will slow not only your development, but the development of every other member of your class. If you cannot come into the pool due to sickness or a period, we ask that you attend the lesson and we can teach you even as you sit on the side. 

Is one lesson a week enough? Is 30 minutes enough?
Once you come for the class, you'll see how much we can pack into 30 minutes. It's the international standard and works very well for the hundreds of BritSwim students we have every week. Once a week is enough to learn, but practice will make perfect, and the APLC has ladies-only days where you can visit to practice what you've learned during class - that will make a huge impact on your development.

Will I be able to learn in 8 weeks?
Yes. What you get out of the course will depend on what you put in - if you commit to the lessons and always attend, if you practice between classes, then yes absolutely this is plenty of time. If you have fear of the water, generally speaking that will slow your progression down, but BritSwim teachers always build up confidence along with skills. 

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