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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

BritSwim: Our prices

It's a commonly asked question, of course: how much is a BritSwim lesson? You can see our price list here; we teach in terms or blocks of lessons, we have rates that change depending to the location of the swimming lessons, and we also have private lessons that are priced differently. 

One thing to note about our prices - they don't vary according to who we are teaching. BritSwim programme prices are the same for beginners or triathletes, for parent-and-child or adult lessons. That's because it's the skills, experience, and dedication of our teachers that you're paying for when you sign up for BritSwim swimming classes, and we guarantee that you'll receive that quality of service and drive to help you succeed, no matter where you learn and whatever level you're starting from.

Muscat, Oman