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BritSwim #safesummer: Learn to Swim!

Swimming is the only sport that can save your life. Along with proper care around the water, and vigilance when it comes to watching children or non-swimmers, learning to swim is the best way to stay safe. 

It's not enough to keep your kids safe from drowning by having them avoid the water, or teaching them to fear it. This is not practical - you can't always keep them away from pools, rivers, splash days, beaches - and it's not fair. The experiences that open up to the happy, confident swimmer are part of an active and enjoyable life. We've had so many adult students at BritSwim who were taught as children to stay away from bodies of water, and as a result they've missed out on boat trips, pool parties, beach paddling, and time in the water with their own kids. Seeing their pleasure and surprise when they achieve confidence and skills in the pool makes us all the more determined that children should not be shut off from water; everyone should have the chance to enjoy swimming.

So help your kids get safe in the water by taking them to swimming lessons - come for them yourself too, if you need to. Any good swimming teacher will be showing students how to stay safe in the water, as well as how to move through it. Knowledge and experience are the best ways to prevent accidents in the water. 

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