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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

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Welcome to BritSwim! The first step to getting registered is to come for an assessment - you can book an appointment for our next assessment session by clicking the button below.
Why does every BritSwim student have an assessment? Because we know that every student is different, and we put a lot of effort into getting each individual student the right class for them. And with 10 teachers working in 12 different pools around Muscat, we can offer options that suit both the student and your schedule.

So what exactly is an assessment? It's a brief session in the pool with one of our qualified instructors, during which we'll be checking to see each student's 
experience - we have students who have grown up with water activities, enjoying the pool before they were on solid food. And we have students who have never been in a pool or in the sea. A student's age will never reflect this, and experience doesn't always equal fear or caution - it doesn't necessarily follow that total beginners will be afraid. However, they will need to spend time on certain fundamental skills that their more experiences peers don't need.
attitude - fearful, confident, excited, focused, polite, reserved, cautious, brave. The list of attitudes we see in our new students is almost endless, and it's so important for when we place them in a group. The combination of students in a class can make a huge difference, and at BritSwim we put a lot of effort into getting this right; something we can only do by meeting the student in person.
skills - what most people would assume is the bulk of the assessment, BritSwim teachers carefully test each student's aquatic skills and note them in detail, along with any particular aptitudes or technical traits.

BritSwim assessments take place once or twice a week. Each student's assessment is one-on-one with a BritSwim teachers, and takes between 5 and 10 minutes. We only assess students who would be going into group classes (if your child is under three years old, we would be offering them a parent-and-child class and there's no need to assess for those, as the student is under the care of the parent).

And lastly, assessments are not tests! There's no pass or fail - all the teacher is seeking is the best representation of the student's current abilities and personality, to put them with the right group and teacher. So please don't worry about the outcome being a judgement; our teachers are all friendly and patient, and the process exists only for the sake of getting BritSwim students the best.
Muscat, Oman