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BritSwim #safesummer: Who's Looking Out For Your Children?

Learn to swim safely Muscat Oman BritSwim

In an ideal world, you'd see highly-trained, dedicated lifeguards wherever there's a body of water used by the public; but the reality is, there are many pools that are effectively unsupervised. Yet another reason for you as the parent to be the responsible adult and never let your children out of your sight for a moment while they are in the water. It's easy to be distracted on a family day at the beach or pool - after all, you're there to have fun - but even if there are excellent lifeguards on duty, you must still be vigilant at all times. Lifeguards are not a substitute for parental care. Neither are pool toys or floating devices, and neither are the your kids' siblings or friends - there's no safety in numbers, only in proper care and attention. If there are multiple adults in charge of kids at the pool, make sure you know who is looking out for the kids - make a rota if necessary, or share the responsibility. Stay focused, stay safe, and have fun!

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