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BritSwim #safesummer: How to Spot a Drowning Child

If you're an adult and you're ever responsible for children who are in the water, you need to know how to identify a child who is in danger. 

An eye-opening resource is dedicated website spotthedrowningchild.com - it's an educational game, showing footage of a pool in which kids are having the time of their lives. It's so easy for one child to start struggling and not be noticed over the laughter of the others. On this site, you play the role of lifeguard, and touch the screen to signal the child you think is drowning. Notice how nobody except the super-alert lifeguard can even tell that there's a problem? That's because not enough people know how to spot a drowning child. Let's try and change that.

Click on the link above to see if you would know who is in trouble. It will hone your observation skills and might just put you in a better position to save a child when needed. The site also brings home just how little time it takes for a child to drown: do not take your eyes off your kids in the pool for a moment.

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