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Congratulations Class of 2018!

What an amazing Graduation Day! Thanks to all of you who came along.

This was BritSwim's first Graduation Day, and we held it to give back to our students, who work so hard and deserve a reward. Encouragement is so important to the kids, and to us as teachers - BritSwim coaches give around 100,000 high fives collectively every term. And support is even more important coming from parents. When parents support and praise their kids' progress, it spurs them on to greater achievements. So we also wanted to thank the parents of all the kids learning with us.

We've grown so much since we started in 2015. BritSwim now has twelve teachers, working out of ten venues, and we're constantly expanding in our bid to reach every age and every level - parent-and-child, ladies classes, special needs courses, hydrotherapy, competitive stroke development, and more. We've formed partnerships with local charities, held events, and are due to add many more services and branches to what we do. 

One thing that has never changed, though, is the way that BritSwim teaches – that we accept, and embrace, that each student is an individual, with their own particular likes, fears, and talents...and also quirks and obsessions. We are very proud of our philosophy of individual readiness. It works! And it allows students to develop at their own rate while enjoying their time learning.

And it’s not just in their swimming skills development that your kids are individuals to us. From the moment we meet them at assessment, and on throughout the course of the lessons, it’s a joy and an honour to get to know them as people. We may only see them for half an hour a week, but they all manage to leave a lasting impression on us, and we’d like to thank them for making our job so rewarding and so much fun. Thanks to each and every one of you!
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