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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

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We always start the BritSwim registration process with an assessment. This is so important, as it helps us get to know the student - and that's how we get them into the right class for them, which is how BritSwim lessons are so effective. Learn more about the assessment process by clicking here.

And after assessment, it's all about communicating with you, to make sure the suitable classes available also fit with your needs and schedule. BritSwim puts a lot of care and thought into our group selection; read about it hereWe do everything we can to start your BritSwim journey off in the smoothest way possible.
That's it - we welcome you to BritSwim, and classes begin! And of course, if you have any more questions, just get in touch on +968 9475 6911.
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