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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

BritSwim pools: British School Muscat

This pool ticks a lot of boxes: shaded, salt water, centrally located and temperature-controlled. But what's really special about the pool BritSwim teaches from at the British School Muscat is that it's a learner pool. That means it's ideal for beginners, because it has - and we admit to sometimes doing a drum-roll before announcing this to our more timid students - NO DEEP END!

For some kids, The Deep End has taken on the aspect of a monster under the bed; something lurking just out of sight in an otherwise fun and happy environment, to feature in nightmares and to be avoided during the waking hours. Take that away, and suddenly the pool as a whole no longer seems threatening.

Of course, BritSwim swimming lessons at the British School Muscat still focus as much on teaching water safety as they would in any other pool - but to teach an anxious, apprehensive student how to stay safe is not nearly as effective as imparting the same information to one who is relaxed.

And that more relaxed feeling is why the learner pool at the British School Muscat is where we hold most of our swimming classes for the younger kids, from 3 years and up. Send us a message at hello@britswim.com to find out more.
Muscat, Oman