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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

BritSwim pools

Just as different swimmers have different needs, the pools around Muscat in which BritSwim teaches each offer varied benefits and features. You'll find BritSwim teachers at many of Oman's premier pools - we put a lot of effort into selecting our working environments, and making sure they work for you.

One of the factors we'll take into account at assessment level is - which pool will fit this student best? BritSwim holds swimming lessons for every level, from babies up to competitive adult swimmers, but not every pool will work for each age or type of swimmer. The lap pool at the Intercontinental is a fantastic venue for swimming lessons and coaching for more advanced students, for example; whereas a quieter location such as the Madinah Hotel lends itself perfectly to swimming classes for those still building up skills and confidence. Temperature, shading, and ambience are all important considerations for us.

We'll be highlighting all the BritSwim pools in Muscat on this page over the coming weeks - no matter which pool your BritSwim lessons are in, we've selected it for its suitability for your child.
Muscat, Oman