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Group Vs Private - which type of class is best?

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BritSwim offers both group swimming lessons, and private classes. Both types of class have their benefits; which is best for your child?

Most kids perform best in group swimming lessons. BritSwim teaches group swimming classes with no more than five children in each, up to the competitive level. Our groups are carefully crafted, after our assessment stage, to ensure that the students are of similar age, maturity, and swimming experience. More than that, we also make efforts to place children in groups where the personalities and attitude of the swimmers will mesh well – this makes for a higher level of enjoyment, which inevitably leads to faster progress.

Often, a child’s progress during group swimming lessons is also sped up by the element of competition, and by emulation. No group could ever be comprised of completely identically-skilled students – just because each person is unique. Children who are more experienced in swimming benefit from demonstrating their skills to the other students – a great confidence booster and incentive to perform well; less experienced kids may be spurred on to get up to speed by these more seasoned swimmers. Each student adds to the collective knowledge of the group. And each child adds to the group dynamic, one of focus and fun.

So group lessons provide students with incentives to learn, a fun and friendly environment, and fast progression in swimming skills. What about private classes?

BritSwim has had great success in teaching children privately. While the majority of kids thrive in group classes, there are cases where a one-on-one session will provide better results. Where there is a particular need for private swimming lessons, the total teacher attention is amazingly effective. So when might your child be better off with private swimming classes?

Each of BritSwim’s students must be assessed by us before entering into group or private classes. Should we feel there is a need for private classes, we’ll discuss this with the parent at the assessment stage.

Private classes certainly benefit children who are very scared of the water – this is sometimes the result of a previous traumatic experience, and sometimes it’s a natural fear on the part of the child. 
Either way, BritSwim instructors are trained and experienced in helping students with water fear overcome this; it’s a process of trust and confidence-building that is best achieved in private one-on-one sessions. The aim is to help the student become safe, confident, and happy in the water, and eventually be able to join and enjoy group swimming lessons.

BritSwim also holds private swimming classes for those looking for absolute teacher focus to their child to improve on existing skills. One-on-one sessions can be great for unlocking potential in kids who might not thrive in group settings. Sometimes children who are introverted, or who lack confidence, require more focused teaching in order to flourish.

We’ve had great success using both forms of class for our students at BritSwim. It’s just as satisfying to watch a group of kids enjoying a relay, or vying to outdo each other in speed and technique, as it is to see a once-hydrophobic child perform their first solo swim, or go underwater for the first time.
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