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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

What ages/levels does BritSwim teach?

We teach all ages and all levels at BritSwim - from babies of four months old, to hydrophobic teenagers, to five-year olds proficient in butterfly, to adults who have never been in a swimming pool, to triathletes. 

For the under-threes, we teach parent-and-child classes, in which the parent comes into the pool with the child. Above that, we teach in group and private classes. 

Different ages have varied needs and reasons for learning to swim, and BritSwim classes reflect that. For children, the fun of swimming is generally their number one priority - they want to be able to enjoy the water. We tap into that in our creative and effective group classes for kids. And as safety is a paramount concern for the parents of our students, and we incorporate and emphasise this during each and every swimming lesson. The more experienced kids learn to improve their strokes, work on stamina, and may aim for competitive level. 

Adults have different objectives than our younger students; some of our current adult students are training for triathlons, others are focusing on stroke development, and still others are completely new to swimming. We cater for all these needs, offering classes (group and private) for each level. BritSwim also holds ladies-only classes conducted by female instructors.

Swimming is a life-saving sport and a skill that stays with you for life - anyone can learn, at any time of life, and learn to love it.
Muscat, Oman