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Swimming is our passion. Fun swimming lessons in Muscat with trained and experienced instructors.

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Highly effective, super-fun swimming lessons in Muscat

BritSwim is for everyone. We teach every age, and every level: we offer parent-and-baby sessions, kids' classes from beginner to stroke development, adult instruction, and special needs programmes. We hold our classes in temperature controlled swimming pools at premium locations around Muscat, including the Intercontinental Hotel, PDO, and the British School Muscat. BritSwim also operates swimming instruction programmes for schools and other institutions.

Why swimming with BritSwim is great for you!

Individual attention

BritSwim's small class sizes let us focus on the individual needs and goals of each swimmer that gets into our pools. With a 5:1 maximum teaching ratio, our experienced and certified instructors get the best out of all students.

Dedicated instructors

We pride ourselves in putting only the most qualified and passionate instructors in the water, to ensure every student receives the best instruction possible. The passion and care our instructors have for teaching your child are unparalled.

The only sport that saves lives

BritSwim courses are focused not only on swimming skills but on water safety, including life saving skills and safer aquatic practices. Each student who joins BritSwim learns how to swim, and swim safely.

Good for everyone

Swimming is good for everyone, at any age. From documented health benefits and increased fitness, to a growth in confidence and a sense of well-being, swimming will enrich your life.



You and your baby will love our classes! For children from 4 months up to 3 years old.


BritSwim's lessons are full of fun and energy and are highly effective for every level of ability.


From the very basics, to training for a challenge - BritSwim has a full range of classes for adults.


Our women's swimming lessons cater for all abilities, and are perfect for those who prefer privacy.


BritSwim offers one-on-one classes with our experienced and dedicated teachers for kids and adults with special needs.


Our teachers have multiple specialities - from therapeutic pool sessions, to sea swimming lessons!









Latest news and happenings

BritSwim: our teachers

There's a lot of us at BritSwim! Along with our sister company, Ace Tennis School, we have around 20 coaches working to help get you and your kids active and happy with the sports we teach. So here's a quick biography of each of the BritSwim swimming teachers; if you've recently booked in with us for the first time, or you have a new coach, you can start here to get to know your BritSwim teacher.

BritSwim swimming class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

BritSwim swimming class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

BritSwim swimming class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

BritSwim swim class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

BritSwim swim class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

BritSwim swim class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

BritSwim swim class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

BritSwim learn to swim Muscat Oman swimming lessons teachers

BritSwim swim class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

BritSwim swim class Muscat triathlon baby aquafit Unique Sports

Welcome to the BritSwim Portal!

Swimming lessons Muscat Oman BritSwim Unique Sports

We're excited - Unique Sports has launched its parent-teacher portal! It's all thanks to our customers - their feedback has been so helpful in helping us see what we need to do to get to the top of our game. Our swimming teachers spend a lot of time and focus on lesson planning and the individual development of their students,  and now parents have a way of sharing in that journey.

The portal helps to streamline our communications, giving access to live updates on the progress of each student, tracking development, showing details of levels achieved and badges won. You can check in to see class start dates and update your personal information, and parents with more than one student with us can use the portal for all their kids. Simply put, it keeps you in the loop.

The Unique Sports portal helps you the parent keep a live and constant track of how your kids are doing in BritSwim lessons. Our teachers keep a careful record of every skill learned and challenge tackled, what they have mastered, and what needs more work, and it will all be shown on progress bars, so you can see how far they have to go - have a look at the example below. If you get the chance to take your kids for practice between classes, you can check the portal to see what the kids have been working on most recently, and get them working on those skills to give them a boost for the next class.

We'll be adding Ace Tennis School students to our portal soon too. We'd recommend all our students to sign up (we keep your details totally private), and take advantage of this simple, effective new way of seeing your kids learning to love to swim.

BritSwim Levels - learn to swim and stroke development

Here's a guide to our BritSwim Learn to Swim Levels, and our Stroke Development Programme. Take a look through to see how BritSwim takes you through the foundations right up to excellent and consistent swimming form.


#BritSwimLessons - focus

BritSwim swimming class learn to swim Muscat Oman safe fun effective
Fun, safe, effective swimming lessons - that what we provide at BritSwim. You see our programme proved  in the progression of our students, and their love of our lessons. What you don't see is how much thought, experience, planning, and dedication is needed to produce fantastic results for every student in every one of our hundreds of lessons each week.

It requires a lot of work to make the lessons fun, and a lot of focus to keep every student engaged, moving, learning, happy, safe, listening, watching. That's one reason we keep BritSwim's learn-to-swim class sizes at just five students maximum - it's a perfect class size for us to deliver quality classes, and for the students all to get the best out of their BritSwim lesson.

#BritSwimLessons - fun

Fun safe effective best swimming class learn to swim Muscat

Fun: it's a serious business, an educational tool. At BritSwim, we know that enjoyable lessons make for relaxed and happy students - and those are the ones who learn fastest. Fun is what keeps BritSwim students smiling throughout their lessons, and looking forward to more. Just because swimming is a life-saving sport, doesn't mean it has to be scary or severe; quite the opposite, in fact. BritSwim teachers are naturally friendly, and they make extra efforts to make every class a fantastic experience for every student. The more fun you have, the more skills you learn.

#BritSwimLessons - safety

BritSwim best swimming lessons fun effective safe Muscat Oman

Safe, fun, and effective - those are the criteria every single BritSwim lesson has to fulfill. It's the mantra BritSwim teachers live by. 

What constitutes safety in a swimming lesson? It's multi-faceted, and each facet is borne in mind by our teachers for each second of the lesson. We keep our eyes on our students. We keep those who need it within arm's reach. We assess and reassess the students, their progress, the pool, the position of the sun, changing position and class formation when needed. We keep our environment free of obstacles to ensure faster access to kids. We make our students wait for us to get in, to swim, to get out - keeping our lessons tightly structured and high energy means that not only do they learn fast, they also have no time or place to wander. We put in place safety rules that are constantly reiterated and reinforced. We teach every single one of our students water safety, and we advise parents on how to do the same. We keep safety at the absolute foremost of our minds, always.

All BritSwim lessons are safe, fun, and effective. You'll notice that safety comes first. 

#BritSwimLessons - commitment

Muscat swim class learn swimming Oman BritSwim

Often, at our weekly BritSwim team meetings, we'll wind up yet another detailed and energetic conversation about a particular kid's progress, and one of us will say, "I wonder if people how much effort we put into this". How could you know? Well, if you've been in a BritSwim programme, you'll have noticed it yourself. We know our student's names, likes and dislikes, favourite colours and animals. We know what scares them and we find ways to overcome that fear. It goes beyond being aware of what skills they have achieved. We're committed to our students. 

From our commitment to getting each swimmer into the right class for them, to finding a time and day and venue that suits the parents' schedule, to our teachers keeping track of kids they taught years ago - it's a common characteristic of all BritSwim teachers that we care about our students. When you come for a BritSwim lesson, you're placing a great deal of trust in us; and as fun as classes may be, we take that commitment seriously.

BritSwim Water 101

Water 101 learn swimming beginner lessons swim Muscat Omam all ages

Part of our plan to get the whole world swimming! BritSwim introduces Water 101, an introductory swimming course for all ages. Water 101 is a short course over four lessons, designed to get everyone on it confident and happy in the pool. Taught by BritSwim's Coach Susan, who specialises in students with a fear of the water or little experience of it, it's a friendly and energetic programme that gives all students the tools to move on to higher levels.

Water 101 is held at the Jasmine Complex pool in Al Khuwair on Monday afternoons. Each course of four 30-minute classes is 34 OMR payable in advance. We'll be holding courses for the rest of the year - message us on +968 9475 6911 for details and registration!

BritSwim's Tri Coach Karl

Triathlon tri coach training Muscat Oman
We've shared with you why triathlon training can be so rewarding. And at BritSwim, we know that it's not just what you teach, but who teaches it - and in fact, that our amazing teachers and coaches are the reason we succeed. So let us introduce you to swimming coach and triathlon trainer Karl Egleton.

Karl has massive experience of triathlons from both sides, participating in almost one hundred, and having trained triathletes of every level; from total beginners with the will to improve, to world class competitors. Karl has worked with former national level multisport athletes, including a triple IronMan World Champion, and was Head Tri Coach for the Defense Academy of Great Britain. Commanding Officer Col. Denis James said of Karl's tenure: "He is thoroughly personable, and provides bespoke and thoughtful training. And he's successful - he certainly keep me motivated for my triathlons, and helped our Regiment become Army Open Water Swimming champions." 

Another successful triathlete under Karl's training, Mike Brennan, tells us how Karl's training improved his tri times. "Karl took me from swimming four lengths to completing the IronMan swim in a little over an hour. Karl is generous with his time and advice. An absolute gentleman."

And that's the real key to Karl's success, and why we're so excited to be launching BritSwim's triathlon training in Muscat with him at the helm - his passion is helping people achieve their goals, whether that's a first time swim, or a world championship selection. 

Get in touch on +968 9475 6911 for more details of BritSwim's triathlon training with Coach Karl.

BritSwim says...

We strive to make BritSwim the ultimate swimming education experience, but we wouldn't be able to achieve anything near that without our most valuable resource: our teachers.

At BritSwim, each of our teachers has their own style - and we don't cramp it. We believe in allowing - encouraging, even - our teachers to play to their strengths, to be creative within our framework, and above all to be themselves. We bring in teachers we admire and respect; why would we want them to be anything other than themselves? 

So, we thought we'd let you meet them! Say hello to our dedicated, driven, passionate BritSwim team, each with a few words about what swimming teaching means to them.Oman BritSwim swim lessons classes Muscat

BritSwim swimming lessons Muscat Oman best lessons learn to swim

BritSwim swimming lessons learn to swim Muscat Oman best lessons

BritSwim lessons Muscat Oman learn to swim class qualified teachers

BritSwim Muscat Oman swimming lessons best swim class learn to swim

BritSwim Muscat swimming lessons best swim class learn to swim

Muscat swim classes BritSwim best swimming lessons Oman

Why tri?

Triathlon training Muscat Oman BritSwim tri reasons sport swim run cycle

Ever considered triathlon training? Or...considered it, and then rejected it immediately? I don't have time. I'm not fit enough. I don't know how to bike/swim/run. The common reasons not to 'tri' are less than inspiring, but pretty relatable. Whether you're new to triathlon, or looking to expand into it from other areas of training, we thought we'd give you a few reasons why there is nothing quite like triathlon training for an all-over experience, pushing your limits in fitness and focus. 

Get out of your comfort zone!
No matter what activities you're used to, the nature of triathlon is to push your limits. Competing against yourself or others, looking for that faster time every time, ramping up the difficulty of races, and battling against your terrain to boot - triathlon will force you to go beyond your boundaries. And you get to feel the triumph of a multidiscipline win.

Three sports are better than one
You're never going to feel bored training for triathlon; there's way too much variety. That sinking feeling when you go to through the same old sets at the gym? Say goodbye to it. And with tri, whatever you achieve, you can triple the confidence.

'Type A's welcome
Get to know triathletes! Meet like-minded people in the tri community. If this appeals to you, maybe you're like most triathletes - driven, goal-orientated, motivated, type A personalities, looking for the next challenge in sport as well as life.

More adventure than workout
Whizzing down mountain roads on the bike. Sprinting across dunes. Tearing up the water in the Gulf Of Oman. With triathlon, you battle yourself, the competition, and the terrain. There are new challenges round every corner, keeping you focused and pushing you forward. This isn't just sport - this is life goals, sensory experiences you won't ever forget.

Full on fitness
Triathlon training is top to bottom - a complete cardio workout for all muscle groups. Swimming, cycling and running together help you develop lean muscles, improve your strength and stamina, and tone the whole body.

Be an inspiration!
Everyone is capable of more than they imagine. Can you do this? Who else in your life would it inspire, if you took on such an amazing challenge? What other goals could you achieve, knowing you can master a multi-discipline sport that takes so much mental and physical strength and focus, that asks you to push your limits and tackle challenges from every side? 

If you're interested in starting triathlon training with us in Muscat, get in touch for details and bookings. Message on +968 9475 6911, or fill in our contact form. We'll organise a starting assessment for you, and our tri coach will talk you through our triathlon programme in person. 

Sports & Fun Packed Summer

BritSwim Oman Summer Camp 2019

This summer Unique Sports is offering a camp for all kids, focusing on sports, games and creative play, and it is designed to elevate your child’s love for a specific sport while giving them the tools to progress their skills.

Our goal is to help young people get close to sports and be healthier, gain confidence in trying new sport activities, and working together while having fun.
We'll offer three activities each day:

  • pool session, where we'll feature a rotation of lessons in swimming, synchronised swimming, and aqua yoga, as well as superfun games and competitions.
  • tennis session (indoors) with Teddy Tennis for younger kids and mini tennis for the older ones, including team games and challenges.
  • A third (indoor) activity that will vary, to include volleyball, team games, yoga, and lots of fun!
The age range is 4 to 12, and kids will be put into groups according to age.

We ask that parents provide the kids with a snack (we provide water) that is labeled with your child's name, and does not contain peanuts or chocolate please!

All places must be booked in advance and space is limited. We start on August 4th! Join us on weekdays at PDO Ras Al Hamra Recreation Club. Contact us for more info at 94756911, or fill in the form below to book your place.

Welcome to the Summer Camp where we'll enjoy every minute of this summer!

How to (swim) parent!

Learn to swim Muscat Oman BritSwim lessons qualified experienced
We're not really going to tell you how to parent here - you know your kids better than anyone, of course. But parents parent, and teachers teach, and there may be some things you don't yet know about their swimming lessons - and learning these will help you and your child get the best out of BritSwim.

So here we go, three things you should know when you're the parent of a swim student.

1. Talking

BritSwim teachers actually love having parents present at our lessons. You'll find schools where kids are kept separate from their caregivers during class, as it can be a 'distraction'. At BritSwim, we know that it can be a joy, and it's always a pleasure to see supportive, interested parents engaged in their kid's progress. We know you want your child's lessons to be safe and effective. When we're teaching, that is all we are focused on. So while we do appreciate that you are looking for feedback on your child's progress, or have a question that needs answering, we absolutely can't help you with that during a lesson - it would compromise the safety of the kids. Send us a message, and we'll be more than happy to help! Plus, we give way better answers when we're answering while dry.

Similarly, you may be tempted to give your kids instructions during class. Take your cue here from the teacher - we'll let you know if we need your help or support. For example if your child is a little nervous, or finally performs a skill they've been struggling with, we may well turn to you so you can share in the moment. But generally speaking, we're able and willing to do 100% of the teaching during our classes, and we know what drills to give your kids and what to correct, so sit back, relax, and enjoy watching us do all the work.

2. Trust

We work very hard to build up a sense of trust with your children. That can take time, and requires patience on everyone's part. Don't expect us to push your child to their swimming limits the very first class - we won't do it. Swimming is not like other sports; the environment it's practiced in makes it unique, and the bond between teacher and student is similarly special. To develop swimming skills and confidence, BritSwim teachers take time to get to know the kids, their strengths, and their limits. Once kids realise we're to be trusted, they listen better, learn faster, and excel.

And knowing that BritSwim teachers are all experienced, qualified, and fully dedicated to continual growth within our area, you can trust that we are providing age appropriate, well-structured programmes that have a lot of thought and research behind them. So please trust us - it works!

3. Time

BritSwim provides the same teacher for a full term of lessons, so we can create custom lesson plans for each group, and get the very best out of each student. It's really important that kids get to their lessons on time, and even more so that they don't miss them altogether. If you make sure that swimming lessons are a priority, your child will get so much more out of them. And beyond lessons, take some time each week to watch your child practice what they've learned. You'll see their development speed up massively, and it's a fun and healthy way to spend time together too.

Every time a child engages in a programme, there's a triangular relationship that builds up between the student, the parent, and the teacher. We understand and nurture this at BritSwim - it's the best way for us and our students, your kids, to succeed! 

Come on in! BritSwim's In-House Training

Learn to teach swimming Muscat Oman BritSwim

Our teachers are unique. Each one has their own teaching style and personality that shines through in every lesson. At BritSwim, we celebrate and encourage the individuality of our teachers - after all, we're not a factory, we're a centre of learning, and that should include elements of fun and character and creativity. We don't expect our teachers, or our students, to be machines! 

While we're all different, BritSwim teachers follow the same progressions, adhere to the same philosophy, and achieve the same aims with their students. How do we accomplish this? We have a solid belief in the BritSwim way, and we impart it to all our teachers. BritSwim's in-house training is all about taking amazing people and taking them through each aspect of what we do, and includes in-pool stroke work, sessions on the ways in which we learn, safety briefings, individual tasks and challenges, and more. It covers everything a new teacher needs to succeed in helping every BritSwim student learn to love to swim!

If you'd like to join our team, and you think you might have what it takes to be a BritSwim teacher, get in touch for details at hello@britswim.com.

Synchro - now available from BritSwim

Syncrhonised swimming. Not a sport you ever considered trying? It's not even on most people's radar, but synchronised swimming (call it synchro if you want to sound in-the-know) is actually one of the toughest sports out there; after all, they lift entire humans above their heads while treading water. Athletes at the top of their synchro game are among the fittest in the world - with only long-distance runners out-doing them in terms of cardiovascular efficiency. And yet it looks so effortless, so elegant!

You'll start with the basics of movement, of course, and move up until you're able to perform full routines. Swimming knowledge is required for this course, along with a decent nose clip.

If you fancy getting the best workout of your life in a fun and friendly female-only environment, to have the support of water and the thrill of achievement in one of the world's hardest skills, and to do all that while still looking like a queen, get in touch for details and bookings!

Learn synchronised swimming Muscat Oman BritSwim lessons

Ladies only!

BritSwim has always been passionate about providing our services for every age and level, and we've recently been putting a lot of effort into increasing our specifically ladies-only offerings. We know that there are many, many women who would love to learn to swim or to improve their technique, to get fit in the unique environment that is the pool, and want to do any or all of these in a place that is friendly, inclusive, and above all private. The privacy required is a challenge, but we've risen to it and created our own female-only session, on Thursdays at Al Sahwa School in Shatti Al Qurm.

We're offering aquafitness, synchronised swimming, Mermaid School (a unique mix of dance, swimming, and gymnastics for girls up to 15), and swimming lessons for all - girls and ladies. BritSwim teachers Zohreh, Ines, and Susan are experienced in teaching everyone no matter what their experience in the water, and they teach in a fun and engaging way that makes lessons a pleasure.

If you'd like to book in for our BritSwim Intro Session, just click here to book yourself a place - there's limited availability and we work on a first come, first served basis. The Intro Session works as an assessment, where we get to see each individual's level and experience, and her attitude towards the water; and you as a student can get to know the teacher, share your aims, and ask any questions you may have. We'll take you through some practices during the Intro, but it's also a lot of fun - just like the classes themselves.

BritSwim at Al Sahwa School

BritSwim loves to partner with amazing schools, and our latest venue is the renowned and inspirational Al Sahwa School in Shatti Al Qurm. As part of our new programmes there, which all target girls and women, and take place in the private pool - a completely female-only environment during BritSwim's Thursday sessions there - we held classes for ten classes of Al Sahwa School's girl students last week. 

Without exception, the students were enthusiastic, willing, polite to a fault, and lots of fun to teach! We can't wait to welcome Al Sahwa School students into our girls-only swim sessions. These are also open to non-students, so if you're interested in lessons in a completely private ladies-only swimming pool, get in touch via message on +968 9475 6911 for details and bookings.

Al Sahwa School swimming pool BritSwim Oman

Al Sahwa School swimming pool BritSwim Oman

Al Sahwa School swimming pool BritSwim Oman

Al Sahwa School swimming pool BritSwim Oman

BritSwim's Mermaid School!

Ever dream of becoming a mermaid?

BritSwim is about to make this wish come true for the girls of Muscat. Our newly-launched Mermaid School is run by our fabulous team mermaid Zohreh. She's absolutely passionate about spreading her love of the water, and as a medal-winning synchronised swimmer, she's found the perfect way to inspire the next generation of water-loving women. 

Mermaid School is a totally new programme, comprising a creative mix of synchronised swimming, dance, and gymnastics. Younger or less experienced mini mermaids will start with Mermaid Movement, a fun and engaging course designed to get them comfortable with water and how to move through it. Mini Mermaids who are already happy swimming in deep water will go straight to the more advanced moves. For all the graduates of Mermaid School, there will be an end-of-term recital to show off their new mermaid moves!

BritSwim's Mermaid School will take place in a totally female environment, on Thursday afternoons at Al Sahwa School in Shatti Al Qurm. Open to girls from 5 to 15, this is a brand new way to get kids moving and loving the water - which is what we're always aiming for at BritSwim.

Get in touch via message on +968 9475 6911 for details and booking!

Swimming in Winter

Learn to swim Muscat Oman BritSwim swimming lessons

We get asked this a lot - is it OK to swim during winter? Isn't it too cold? Wouldn't doctors advise against it? What are the health risks, if any? And what can we do to minimise them?

For our part, BritSwim makes sure the pools we hold lessons in are safe and comfortable. We regularly carry out independent checks on the chemical levels and temperature of each BritSwim pool - and if we find that the pool is not up to standards that day, we will not hold classes. The health and comfort of our students is our priority.

And for an expert opinion on kids' health, we've asked Dr Ola Adeponle, of the fantastic MediDent Clinic (and mother of lovely long-time BritSwim student Morayo), to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about swimming during the colder season. Here's what she had to say:

Should my child be in the pool while sick?

If your child has simple cold, that is if symptoms are only in the throat and head, moderate physical activity such as swimming is fine. But if your child has a cold which is accompanied by fever, muscle aches, tiredness and so on, then it is best they stay out of the swimming pool till they feel better.

If your child has a diarrheal illness, they should not be in the swimming pool, as people with diarrhea who swim can contaminate water with millions of germs. Most germs are killed within minutes by common pool disinfectants like chlorine, but this is less effective with diarrheal germs. This contamination can make other swimmers sick if they swallow a mouthful of contaminated pool water. It is also important to educate your children not to swallow pool water.

Do swimming pools get people sick in winter? 

Germs make people sick, not the cold weather itself, however prolonged exposure to cold can make you sick. Also common cold or even flu tends to occur more in colder weather, so if your child is sick it is better you keep them away from the swimming pools to avoid spreading the germs that cause these infections.  The air temperature during the winter months is lower so even though the pools are heated, when you come out of the pool you may feel very cold.

What are the measures to prevent cold if my child swims in winter?

You can take the following measures to prevent prolonged exposure to cold during the winter months:

1. Cover up with a warm towel as soon as you come out of the pool to allow your body warm up
2. Change out of wet swimming clothes immediately
3. Take a warm shower
4. Dry your hair thoroughly with a towel or hair dryer if available, or better still use a water proof swimming cap to prevent your hair from getting wet.
5. Dress up in warm, dry clothes

Should we swim when it’s cloudy or windy?

Yes, you can swim as long as you take measures to prevent prolonged exposure to cold as soon as you come out of the swimming pool.

Is swimming in winter dangerous to health?

The coldest temperature in winter month is about 19 degrees in the morning, the afternoons are still a bit warm, so you can still swim in the winter in heated pools or warm pools. Remember, swimming is a moderate physical activity which has health benefits, no matter the age. If you swim, you must protect yourself from prolonged exposure to cold.

So to summarise: swim in heated pools, and get yourself warm and dry as soon as you climb out. Don't swim when you're feeling too poorly. Otherwise, you can keep on swimming throughout the winter months - especially here in sunny Oman!

Ladies-only AquaFitness!

BritSwim aqua fitness swimming lessons ladies only female pool Muscat

We're so happy to announce our new BritSwim programme: aqua fitness sessions in a totally friendly, female environment. Our coaches have years of experience in helping ladies get fit and confident through aqua fitness, but it may be new to you, and that's why we've set out the top five reasons to give AquaFit a try.

1. No judgements!
When you're in the water, you're less visible to others and there's no competitive element - so you don't need to worry if you mess up a move, or feel self-conscious exercising in front of others. The water is forgiving! And that allows you to focus on the movements and just have fun.

2. It's for every level
This is a great way to ease yourself into an exercise routine, whether you're already fit, getting back to activity after time off, or even challenged by issues with health. Our AquaFit coach will allow for every level of fitness and experience and help each participant achieve her best.

3. Let the water do the work
Exercising in water is truly, uniquely beneficial. The buoyancy cushions and supports you, so you can increase your fitness and strengthen muscles without the damaging impact of other activities. It's stress-free movement - plus the water cools you down as you go.

4. Full body work-out
Apart from the gains to your overall cardiovascular fitness, from moving every muscle and every joint at the same time, your body will get a whole host of benefits from aquafitness. Did you know that exercise in water aids the flow of blood, and your lymphatic drainage? Basically all your organs are going to be better after class - and you'll feel it, too.

5. We love water
We're BritSwim - of course we think everything is better in the pool. But our aqua fitness classes help with confidence in the water as well as stamina and strength. They aid balance. The stimulating property of movement in water has been shown to reduce stress. Any age or fitness level can join classes. And you don't need to be able to swim either! (Although, no surprises, we do recommend learning...)

If you're looking to join our ladies AquaFit sessions, get in touch on +968 9475 6911 to book. 


My little girl started swimming at Britswim when she was 3 years. She loved all About Britswim and she enjoyed her lessons very much. Special thanks and love goes to Susan, such an amazing kids friendly coach. Thank you and wishing Britswim all the success!

Irosha Dili Silva

My 2 year old had a horrible traumatizing experience at another swim school and it took a lot for me to convince her to try again but from the very first class at BritSwim she had a complete turn around. I was pleasantly surprised to see her enjoy the class, have fun, learn and not want to leave the pool. It got me very emotional actually, I didn't think it was possible to get her anywhere near the water after what she was "taught" to do at the other swim school. I'm extremely happy with the methods used here. Keep it up guys!!

Sabriya Naamani

Excellent teachers. Very cooperative. Our son is having his best experience.

Rubeya Ahmad

My son started lessons with Brit Swim about two years ago (age 5), after not having lessons for about a year. He has developed so much as a swimmer in that time. My daughter started 11 months ago (at 22 months old). She’s not even 3 yet and she can breathe properly under water, collect toys from the bottom of the pool (her favorite thing to do), and thoroughly enjoys swimming/being in the water. Collectively they’ve taken lessons from Candice, Susan, and Jenny - each has their own teaching style - and they’re all excellent instructors.

Nola Hynes Brody

We started with BritSwim when my daughter had just turned 4. She was one girl who would not take a head shower without a big fight put up! Within few days of classes with Susan she turned up with a smiling face to get her head washed! Almost 10 months with BritSwim she manages to swim by herself and definitely enjoys swiming to bits! Wait for her classes which is always so full of fun and learning!

Padmam Rakesh

Our two boys aged 3 and 6 have been taking swimming lessons with BritSwim and have enjoyed their lessons. They are much more confident in the water now and have learned important skills through fun and engaging lessons with Ines.

Jo Matiti

My daughter had been trained by coach Paul for competitive swimming and she is getting closer to her dreams. It's not jut about winning its about trying hard to get there . And today she surely is better than yesterday and that an achievement for brit swim. Special thanks to Paul for his patient training. Hoping we are back with a medal this year at clusters. But as I said it's not just about winning even getting there amongst so many competitors is definitely an achievement. Thank you Brit Swim.

Seema Ranjan

I am glad to have chosen britswim to learn swimming. At britswim I got exactly what I was looking forward towards learning swimming. Allison is too good and very friendly coach. I would recommend britswim to all looking forward to a journey into swimming world! Great job britswim. keep it up!!

Bint Abdullah

I have two children learning with Susan and they look forward to their lessons and think she is lovely. Susan has incredible patience, a caring attitude and always has a smile for the kids. Candice has been lovely to deal with and is quick to respond to questions or requests. They care, they listen and they have definitely been the right choice for us.

Clodagh Cahill

My 8 year old son took swimming lessons for two terms with Paul from Brit Swim, he was incredibly patient, attentive and kind with the children, punctual, had good communication with the parents, was respectful, professional and courteous. Highly recommended, although pricey definitely worth it.

Sylvia Quintana

Muscat, Oman